Don’t let my white hair fool you
I have a story to tell
This is my dream
I walk this earth
I feel the wind on my skin
I watch the clouds pass by
undisturbed by my illusions

I speak – simple words come through me
I breathe – I am
I love – the tears show me the way
I get mad
I daydream
I nurture a family, a garden
I wait for the hummingbirds to visit

My hands show the years gone by
leathery, dark, deep blue veins
the blood that fueled the decisions of my youth
still flows through my body
pain and stiffness and regrets
ghosts lingering
the past has marked the corners of my mind

Peace is an everyday practice
one breath at at time
each wave as it comes
I breathe through it
I’m beginning to understand
my warrior nature

I still stand
my roots grow deep
my arms embrace this moment
love is practice
fighting the fight
many have fought
never knowing what will be
walking, breathing, living, being.

Copyright ⓒ 2011 Yota Schneider – the art of pausing / Photo credit YotaSchneider

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summer morning

I went out, on the porch, early this morning. The girls were still asleep and the house felt quiet. There was a slight breeze and the morning air felt cool and inviting. I made a cup of tea, cut some flowers for a little blue bottle I like, took one my favorite books and sat down for some uninterrupted time with myself.

Uninterrupted time is a gift, a blessing and a necessity . . . as most of you know.

It wasn’t long before this bumble bee came around. I watched her as she made her rounds, from bloom to bloom. Nasturtiums, echinacea, salvia, butterfly bush, cosmos. I put my book down and picked up my camera. She didn’t seem bothered by me. She just kept flying around, seeking, tasting, making her morning rounds.

I sat there, still, breathing deeply and taking all in. A hummingbird came by next. I didn’t even try to take a picture. I know her. She doesn’t like it when I move. I chose to be present. This moment was a gift.

Today, perfection was in the quiet morning, the gentle breeze, a cup of tea, a small blue bottle with flowers from my garden, a bumble bee tasting the nectar and a hummingbird showing her appreciation for each bloom.

Beauty and harmony are ever present – if only, we stop and look.

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