The Art of Self-Compassion


A personal retreat designed to help non-stop doers and caretakers become mindful of their needs and
make self-care and wellness a priority!





Module 1 Laying the Foundation
Unit 1 Welcome  
Unit 2 The Journey  
Unit 3 Your Intention  
Module 2 On Wellness
Unit 1 On Wellness  
Unit 2 Dimensions of Wellness  
Unit 3 On Mindfulness  
Unit 4 Being Mindful  
Unit 5 Becoming the Witness  
Module 3 Common Obstacles and Roadblocks
Unit 1 Your Truth  
Unit 2 What's Stopping You?  
Unit 3 Saying No is an act of self-care and self-respect and it doesn’t have to be hard.  
Module 4 Own It!
Unit 1 An Open Mind  
Unit 2 Love Your Body  
Unit 3 Cherish Your Heart  
Unit 4 Where To?  
Module 5 Making it Happen!
Unit 1 Good Enough!  
Unit 2 Your Turn  
Unit 3 Congratulations