I went out, on the porch, early this morning. The girls were still asleep and the house felt quiet. There was a slight breeze and the morning air felt cool and inviting. I made a cup of tea, cut some flowers for a little blue bottle I like, took one my favorite books and sat down for some uninterrupted time with myself.

Uninterrupted time is a gift, a blessing and a necessity . . . as most of you know.

It wasn’t long before this bumble bee came around. I watched her as she made her rounds, from bloom to bloom. Nasturtiums, echinacea, salvia, butterfly bush, cosmos. I put my book down and picked up my camera. She didn’t seem bothered by me. She just kept flying around, seeking, tasting, making her morning rounds.

I sat there, still, breathing deeply and taking all in. A hummingbird came by next. I didn’t even try to take a picture. I know her. She doesn’t like it when I move. I chose to be present. This moment was a gift.

Today, perfection was in the quiet morning, the gentle breeze, a cup of tea, a small blue bottle with flowers from my garden, a bumble bee tasting the nectar and a hummingbird showing her appreciation for each bloom.

Beauty and harmony are ever present – if only, we stop and look.

2 thoughts on “summer morning

  1. Yota you are such a beautiful inspiration. Your writings are so visual, I put myself in your stories with each line read.I look around out side and see the beautiful life brings & thank Goddess for another amazing day, I just wish everyone knew the beauty mother earth shares with us.thank you.and love & light.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words, Pixie! I do believe that, being able to appreciate beauty, is a gift. You seem to possess this gift and for that . . . you're blessed. Keep looking and seeing the beauty that's ours to behold and enjoy. Blessings ♥

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