I have always contended with a heightened sense of perfection. At times, it worked for me, most of the times it worked for everybody else and often it left me in conflict.

I can blame it on my lineage, my upbringing, my parents’ unyielding expectations, my teachers, or my stars. No matter what, this tendency is mine to explore and understand.

I don’t know where you stand with perfectionism. My experience tells me it’s complicated, like most things in life. On one hand, my sense of perfection allows me to do things well, see a project through, make educated decisions, cover the bases, be seen as dependable, competent and a problem solver.

On the other hand, it can slow me down, infuse me with self-doubt, stop me from taking risks, put pressure on other people and keep me up at night. I can also see the glass half-empty, procrastinate because things aren’t lining up just so and insist on fixing everything and everyone.

You get my dilemma, don’t you? Letting go of “perfectionism” is not about getting rid of it, altogether. It would be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

I want this to be a space of rest and reflection. I’ll attempt to highlight my personal journey, experience, and “aha” moments of letting go and letting be!

I invite you to join me. Come in, take a moment to pause, reflect and, if you feel inclined, share your own experience.