this very moment

I tend to start my day, early, while everyone is asleep. I come downstairs, take care of the animals, and sit down for a short, 20-30 minute meditation. This routine grounds me and sets the mood for the day.

As I go through my day, there are moments that invite my attention. When I take the opportunity to pause and be present with whatever is right in front of me, I invariably feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace. That is the gift of an ordinary moment.

Sometimes I use my phone to record these moments. Below, I’m sharing some of my daily reminders of how beauty and peace can be found at every step.

What rituals have you found that provide you with a sense of balance and well being?

What if you stopped, right where you are, and took this moment to pause? Take two or three deep breaths and allow your eyes to rest on what is right in front of you. Just rest. A couple of minutes may be all you need.