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  • Linda Samuels

    What is that saying? The more we learn, the more we know we DON’T know. It’s something like that.

    I like to think I understand more as I age. And I’m sure with some things this is true. But there are still so many mysteries- the whys of life, the whys of my loved ones, the whys of me. I’m OK with that- with not understanding everything. Some of the answers are revealed by staying curious, digging, and questioning. There is space for things to change, even if you think you know. And I love that! We’re not done, but evolving.

    I am always surprised when I learn something new about someone (or myself.) Because so often, I can assume I know or understand. And then, a new piece of insight or information will appear, and my perspective shifts. I welcome that. Life isn’t static. Things are constantly changing. As we anchor, we become more of who we strive to be. Maybe that’s more patient, loving, compassionate, and self-aware. Maybe it’s being more gentle, kind, creative, or generous. Maybe it’s feeling the roots of our being firmly planted in the ground, knowing the self, yet being open to growth, as the big oak trees in the forest.

    • Yota Schneider

      I love the image of the big, old oak tree in the forest.
      Maybe growing more firmly planted in our ground, in our house of belonging, we also become more compassionate, patient, generous, and open to growth.
      It’s those roots that feed us so we can withstand the storms and grow stronger.

  • Kathleen Ellis

    Yes, I was intrigued by the personality becoming transparent to the soul. The soul seems so often the hidden part, while the personality marches forward into the world, and for me at least, with the protective armor in place. How many moments have I missed because I’m so busy worrying about how I look or whether I’m acting appropriately or doing the right thing or being smart? What I like about Remen’s writing is her lifelong journey to just allowing herself to be in the moment with people without striving to “do” or “fix” or “achieve” anything. Allowing whatever we call our soul, our inner self, to bubble up instead. It seems so beautiful that just this act can be a blessing. And so very difficult. But then love takes a lifetime.

    • Yota Schneider

      It is a blessing and it takes a lifetime to chip at that darn armor. Maybe that’s where aging comes to our rescue. With age, we arrive at the point where we don’t really care as much about looking “good” or being “appropriate” or sounding smart. Of course, old personality habits die hard and that’s why I wrote “as much” 🙂

  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    When I was responding to the poem by David Whyte the word soul intrigued me. I felt he was saying you are the sole person responsible for your own happiness. I had to think for a minute how to spell the different meanings of the word.

    And now Kathleen’s beautiful selection references the soul. What is a soul? Think about it- It is used so often “old soul”, soul music, soul sister, soul cycle, keeping body and soul together, soul food, the soul of discretion. As a child I was taught that when you die all that will be left is this amorphous thing called your soul. Your body would disintegrate and your soul would float up to heaven. Perhaps depicted as a ball of light /in the arms of one of Kathleen’s cherubic angels. Now if you weren’t quite up to par in life – a sinner- your soul would hang out in a place called limbo-halfway between heaven and hell- until other living beings on earth prayed enough to get your soul a “fast pass” to heaven. There were rules to follow to get your soul to heaven- Obey your mother and father, don’t fight with your brothers and sisters, don’t steal etc.- basically the Ten Commandments for kids! You almost had to be perfect for your soul to go directly to heaven!

    The process of manifesting your “adult aloneness” or your soul – of letting your inner spirit become visible and grow in wisdom and love, is overlayed with my childhood teachings. So of course like you Kathleen I have spent many moments worrying about what is appropriate, or doing what I think others want me to
    do, regardless of whether it felt right in my soul or not. A gift of this aging process is the ability to better recognize what really feeds my soul and allow myself those indulgences. Not sure though if everyone around me feels blessed by that. I do know now that I feel so much more at peace with my choices.

    A question that I have been having a lot lately is “What will remain after I am gone? What will be my soul contributions in life? “ A colleague I worked with who was leaving for another job was being lauded for all he had done – all the changes he had brought about in the way the school ran and all the people he had influenced. I was talking with him and saying how amazed I was by what was accomplished in his ten year tenure. He looked at me and said, “It really isn’t important to look at the volume of things I have done, it is more important to look at what still remains ten years after I am gone . That is what my true legacy will be. “

    As I approach my Birthday I continually look at my timeline from 1 to 100! My goal is to make it at least 100. It is a little daunting to realize that almost 3/4’s of the timeline is complete. So that leaves 1/4 left to work on my soul! Glad I have a “golden” group to do it with!

    • Yota Schneider

      I hope Kathleen’s cherubs stay with us for a while and I most definitely wish you reach and pass your goal post of 100! 🙂
      There are layers upon layers of spiritual and family conditioning to work through, to reach the point of trusting what we know feeds our soul and be at peace with our choices.
      I consider myself fortunate to have had mentors and like-minded companions along the way. It does take a village.

  • Julia Cardoso-Castello

    Becoming… “..we are here to grow in Wisdom and how to Love better…” it’s so rich and full of insight to think there’s a connection between wisdom and love better…
    Is it perhaps the gift of letting my soul expand by the experience stillness and learning to quiet down? Be centered? Shifting the busyness of all that isn’t taking me closer towards real fulfillment =wisdom=love? Becoming for my own sake yes and because we are connected it generates to others as well?

    Hummm… Life takes unexpected turns and in many ways more wonderful ones than I would ever had planned. Could it be that other people’s wisdoms and way of living shed light to me and I got immersed in the Love and light? I certainly think so without a doubt! And it continually happens as my journey goes… it is then naturally fascinating the desire to grow in wisdom and learn how to live better so that
    “As we each do this in our own ways, we slowly become a blessing to those around us and a light to the world.”

    I enjoyed reading every one of your comments and relate to them so much!!! They made me remember what Yota once said and stayed in my soul: we are espiritual beings…
    Linda, like you said: I too am ok of not having to understand everything…
    Kathleen your words reflecting on how we hide our souls… about letting the soul expressing itself without worrying about looking smart and how you’re dressed, etc…
    Kathy, when you wrote about your legacy and reaching 100 years old… my soul simply loved it! I could sign what Yota wrote “it takes a village…” I am fortunate beyond belief for this so journey and my personality aims to grow in wisdom&love.

    • Yota Schneider

      Dear Julia,
      Thank you for highlighting that as we are becoming, we touch each other in ways we could never foresee. We are connected, as you said. How can it not be this way? We so easily forget, wrapped up as we can be at times in our bubbles.
      This morning, as I am traveling through the units once again, new insights and unseen treasures are peeking behind words to greet me.

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