The Power of Your Intention

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  • Yota Schneider

    Happy Sunday ❤️

    What a gift it has been, meandering through the contemplations and thoughtful insights you have all shared. I am grateful for you all and for this journey that keeps unraveling.

    As you enter this unit on The Power of Your Intention, slow down and see how it unfolds. You can share what came up for you in the comments and we can meditate on this further tomorrow evening when we get together.

  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    “May the nourishment of the earth, the clarity of light, the fluency of the ocean and the protection of the ancestors be yours”
    My first thoughts are how all our readings really encompass this blessing. The seasons in Linda’s Koan with ten thousand flowers and cool breezes, the clarity of light we strive for in Kathleen’s transparency of the soul, the fluency of the ocean in Julia’s photo and the the sense of belonging that has been shaped and formed by our ancestors. John O’Donohue amazes me in how he hits the nail on the head every time!

    Intentions I must say confuse me a bit. It is my intention to be a happy, intelligent, empathetic human being. But every day brings different challenges and there always seems like something will annoy me or make me grumpy or short with my words. Yesterday was a good example. Babs bought these illuminated deer for our backyard. A holiday decoration that looks lovely when lit. The deer however are a bit fragile since they are made from wire and a lacy string. We set them up Friday and they looked great. But then yesterday the winds blew in at 40 to 50 mph. I think I was out there at least four times trying to right the blown over figures. I had a rubber mallet, stakes to plant them to the ground, zip ties to keep them together, but guess what? By 8 pm I was carry dead deer into our screened in porch so they would not completely blow away never to be found again. Did I have much empathy? Not quite. Was I a bit short with my words to Babs about buying these decorations. You bet.

    So although this decoration story is a bit silly, it does strike me that we are a bit like the deer. Fragile built,
    Needing something strong to hold us in place, constantly getting blown over and trying again. The sun is out today and the winds are calm. I will go out on the porch and put the two deer together again. This time though I won’t try to anchor them alone. I will ask my Eagle Scout brother in law to come down and show me how to stake them into the ground so the wind doesn’t rip them out of the ground. He says it the basic principle of pitching a tent.

    The moral of the story “Don’t be a dead deer”!
    (Just a little LOL for you all)

  • Linda Samuels

    I love the deer decoration story, Kathy! And I feel for you—such frustration in trying to display something beautiful and only to get repeatedly knocked about by the wind. But how wonderful that you took time to reflect and do a deeper dive into its meaning even with your frustration.

    Some weeks ago, I came upon a word that I loved, so I decided to make it my intention or word for 2022. There have been years when I’ve picked a word for the year and had that “color” the choices I made. I developed a phrase for one year, which worked out so well that I repeated it the next. I’ve set written down goals and approached the New Year using various ways.

    But this year, I’m going back to a one-word intention. It has been a time—many wonderful things and many tough ones like losing my mom. As strong as I am, as much self-care as I have extended to myself, as much as I’ve made some good decisions and felt mostly resilient, I’m also feeling TIRED. Exhausted really. The years of even more uncertainty than usual, so much chaos and strife in the world, business NOT as usual along with my personal stuff, took it out of me. I need to rest, replenish, and nurture my mind, body, and soul. Thank goodness winter is coming. It feels like the ideal season to wrap, cozy up, and nurture.

    And yes. You’re probably wondering what my word for 2022 will be. Have you guessed it?

    It’s ‘flourish.’

    Who knows what ‘flourish’ will bring? But the sound and feel of it, as I say or think it embodies how I’d like to approach the New Year.

  • Kathleen Ellis

    LOL indeed! Kathy, I cracked up picturing you “carrying the dead deer” into the porch then calling in the brother boy scout. I’m thinking our group is like calling in the girl scouts. Linda, I so relate to the exhaustion of a rough year, and losing a parent is devastating. I love that you chose flourish as your word for this year. It’s a word that evokes such positive emotion and forward motion. When we flourish we don’t hide. We go out there. The more I contemplate flourishing the more I think I want to try it on for myself! For me it’s been a year of relentless pushing–to heal from my broken hip, to sell the house and find another place to live, to try to keep my business going–and of course the pandemic always in the background. I’ve been giving myself plenty of time to rest, but part of me is also terrified of all the changes in my life. The thought of actually flourishing seems like something beyond my abilities. Maybe a small burst of flourish? The occasional flourish? I’m a first-class, highly experienced hider, but what has been happening this year through our work together is a stealth operation, as those doors that were firmly closed have been slowly opening up. I’m feeling an expansiveness that I haven’t felt in a very long time. When the walls tumbled down as the mini-angels did their “flourish” with their trumpets, the message seemed pretty clear. And I know as Kathy pointed out, we need to know when to call in the scouts. Or should I say our better angels? Camping was never my forte, and I really prefer a soft bed. But the winds can blow hard and it’s important to know how to pitch the tent. And I volunteer Linda to keep our tents stocked with the softest, most beautiful blankets! Thanks, Yota, for this exquisite contemplation. ♥♥

  • Linda Samuels

    I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I’m among friends, so I will. I so boldly announced my WORD for 2022. Then today, I was thinking about it and realized that I got it wrong…well, kind of. The word I want is FLOURISHING…and active state. It’s flourish with an “ing.”

    Yet as I read what Kathleen wrote in response, I also realized that it could be used or considered in so many ways. The intent is that I allow myself to experience what “flourishing” feels like. So choices I make will be flourish-oriented because it feels like it’s time to shift the focus. It’s time to let go of those things that prevent flourishing and totally lean into the ones that bring it on.

    I love the conversation you’re having with yourself, Kathleen, about “flourish.” I can only imagine how exhausting and heavy the “relentless pushing” has felt. It’s a lot that you are healing from (inside and out.) And that resting is so important and wonderful that you gifted yourself the time you needed. I understand how flourishing might feel too bold, but I love where you’re going with it. A “burst of flourish” here and “occasional flourish” there. It starts somewhere. As I’ve gotten glimpses of this year, when I’ve intentionally increased the positive, nurturing experiences and minimized the negative, draining ones, it’s flourish in the making. So my goal is to lean more and more in that direction.

    I am so deeply grateful to each of you, including our amazing leader and gatherer, for your wonderful support this year.

  • Yota Schneider

    I have to say this conversation has inspired me to look deeper into my own intention and even find my special “word.”

    Kathy, we spoke at length about your “deer” experience. I love the teachings that came with these beautiful deer. As I am writing this, I remember my Animal Speak book, so I went to get it and opened it to the messages the Deer brings. I will scan and attach the file in this unit for you. I am curious to see what comes up for you.

    Linda, thank you for pointing us in the direction of the one-word intention. I love how the contemplation of your words continues to unfold. It is pointing the way indeed.

    Kathleen, I love how you refused to give up on “flourish” but instead embraced it and looked at it from your own perspective. You made it yours. As I mentioned before, I have full faith that Zelda and the cherubs will open the way to flourishing in surprisingly friendly ways.

    Kathy and Julia, you may want to try and see what word pops up for you as you reflect on your intention and experience. You don’t have to work hard on it … drop the question in your consciousness and, as you go about your day, watch for clues.

  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    Uh-oh. I wrote a response yesterday and somehow it is not here. Must not have clicked something I was supposed to. I’ll try to remember the essence of it.

    One of the deer blew down again so here comes another episode of “Deer Learnings”. When my brother-
    in-law came the other day to fix them it was comforting to know that he was having difficulty staking them in too. It wasn’t only my lack of strength but the fact that the ground is rock hard beneath the flowerbed mulch. He attributed part of the difficulty to the poor stakes that came with the decorations and was going to get better ones. He brought back better stakes yesterday but it still was a tough task. Parts of the flowerbed you just can’t get through . Lesson of the day- sometimes you have move your deer to new ground when you simply can’t break through!

    I thought a lot about my word this week. At first I thought it was going to be “understanding”. But as I kept thinking about it, understanding seemed to be more focused on others than me. I finally settled on the word “nourish”. I came to this word by thinking about how I am hoping our new gardens planted the beginning of November grow and what I need to do to nourish them. Then I thought, yes nourish is perfect.! How can I nourish my spirit this year? How can I better nourish my body? What ways can I nourish my intellect? My relationships?
    When I reread the poem at the top of the page- amazingly it begins-“May the nourishment of the earth be yours!” So now I hope 2022 will bring all the nourishment I need.

    • Yota Schneider

      Kathy, I love your deer. They came to your life bearing gifts and lessons that keep unfolding.
      You’re so right … sometimes we have to move to new ground if the one we find ourselves on does not support us.
      I am so happy to hear your “word” revealed itself to you. Nourish … how perfect is that?
      Although, I have to say that “understanding” is a good one too.
      Maybe the first step to nourishing our spirit is understanding ourselves better.
      Looking forward to exploring your word further.

  • Julia Cardoso-Castello

    As I type this comment the song “Oceano” by Josh Groban is being played. That song started playing from my iTunes out of the blue during a sitting section with Yota a few weeks ago. Thanks for encouraging me Yota to listen to it and not simply see it as an interruption of our reflections… The song is about an immense love that makes a stormy ocean eventually calms down… I LOVE IT!!!

    The Power of Intentions is a great way to start after a retreat. Thank you to each of you for your sharings and comments. Your inputs and exchanges are very precious. Every meditation a gift. Thank you Yota!This journey is definitely more meaningful as we begin a new year… I’m still working on a word. I LOVED the idea of finding one! For now it could be “Hearth”. Hearth for me translates: LOVE…

    The deer and his teachings were so punctual! Thanks Kathleen!

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